2nd Human Rights Movie Day


Films and discussions on human rights in Hungary

The British Embassy in Budapest is organising its second Human Rights Movie Day on Wednesday 14 March 2012 in Toldi Mozi.

The films will be screened in Hungarian with English subtitles and they will be followed by Hungarian roundtable discussions on the documentaries' messages.

Entry to the event is free.

Szendrőládi vallomások
Eltitkolt évek

Confessions from Szendrőlád

How can a young boy get from a class for the mentally disabled to university? The story of the Bhim Rhao Association and the blossoming of a group of young Roma intellectuals from Szendrőlád.

Secret years

Eleven lesbian women talk about their experiences in the State Socialist times. They share stories on women, love, family, happiness and pain. They discuss their identity search in the Kádár era, their personal struggles and the movement following the transition.


"In Hungary I'm a Jew, in Israel I'd rather be a Hungarian." Jews in their twenties and thirties talk about their identity and the search for their roots.

2nd Human Rights Movie Day on 14 March in Toldi mozi