Marcell Lőrincz

President, Foundation of Subjective Values

Lőrincz Marcell„It is a great honour for us to have been chosen as leaders of the ZARE campaign. We have been following the activities of LMHR in the past and now we will have a chance to reinforce our work with this new content.

We believe in the success of ZARE and look very much forward to a close co-operation with the British Embassy in Budapest.”

Greg Dorey

British Ambassador

Greg Dorey„Music has become international. It can help us all to communicate between countries; across language barriers; and between diverse groups. Most music creates greater understanding and mutual respect.

That's why music is such an excellent medium for taking a stand against ignorant and nasty attitudes such as racism and why we are helping to launch Zene a Rasszizmus Ellen (ZARE) in Hungary.

We hope you will be there to hear some great music and the anti-racist message. But for the longer term we want to help inspire a new anti-racist campaign for young people in Hungary.

The unpleasant characteristics of extremism, like racism, have no legitimate place in a modern society. We share a continent; we have (in different ways) diverse societies; and we are partners in one of the most democratic and tolerant organisations the world has seen - the European Union.

Let's use this year's Festival to give racism a collective thumbs down. Racism is pants. Help consign it to the dustbin of history.”

David Miliband

Former British Foreign Secretary

David Miliband„One of the FCO's Strategic Objectives is to work towards better functioning international institutions, including the EU and the UN. Both of these require their members to provide safeguards for the human rights of their member states' citizens. In the case of Europe, our failure so far to resolve the centuries-old problem of anti-Roma discrimination and marginalisation is a blight on our collective history. It is also a huge economic opportunity cost. I am therefore delighted to endorse and support ZARE - Zene a Rasszizmus Ellen (Music Against Racism).

I am delighted that the FCO is partnering the UK music-based campaigns Rock Against Racism and Love Music Hate Racism and the Sziget Festival in order to promote the values of racial harmony, respect and tolerance in Hungary. The ZARE project is important – especially given the problems of anti-Roma racism which appear to be growing in parts of Central and Eastern Europe.”

I am sure there will be a great day of music on 11 August, and I hope that is just the beginning. The idea of using the power of music in this way deserves to be taken up by an energetic team of individuals or an existing organisation in Hungary. Our Embassy in Budapest – whose idea this was – is seeking to be the catalyst to spark such a campaign. Resources have been made available for this from the FCO's new Strategic Campaign Fund. RAR and LMHR are also ready to advise on how such campaigns can be made sustainable.